Welcome to Mommies That Wine Anniversary Celebrations recap

Year 2021, Mommies That Wine celebrated it's first year anniversary and it was a blast!

Our special guest for this special occasion was Domènica Escatel, founder of Chicana INC. She initiated the event with having a great conversation about "Re-Igniting Your Dreams" and invited the mommies to share their own dreams.

Mommies That Wine began as a conversation with my sister and a good friend. I told them "what if I created a space where mommies can come together, empower one another, and have authentic conversations about motherhood challenges?" Well, that conversation turned into putting my dreams to work by stepping outside of my comfort zone and actually taking action to create this unique space. And I happy i did, because now i have bigger dreams for mommies that wine. 

Dreams Celebration!

"Make time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or how small"

Celebrating our 2nd Year anniversary 

Year 2022, Mommies That Wine celebrated its 2nd year anniversary along with our special guest Wendy Perdomo and our mommies. It was a night full of waves of laughter, and VERY AUTHENTIC conversations about Motherhood and Self-Sabotage. The mommies also shared what this unique and empowering space has done for them regarding their motherhood journey and personal goals. And I must say it was beautiful. Their words were impactful and very meaningful. It was confirmation that Mommies That Wine is on the rise and it's a very much-needed space for mommies. 

Our Special Guest Wendy Perdomo did her presentation on Combating Our Inner Self-Saboteur and it was very informational. The mommies loved every second of it, and they were definitely engaged. Wendy for sure knows how to bring in the ladies and shift their mindset. 

See below our gallery of a fun evening!

Celebration Photos 

Our Mommies That Wine Group Selfie for Year 2

Year 2023, Mommies That Wine Celebrated it's 3rd Year Anniversary. The theme for 2023 was "Blooming Into Your Purpose" where the mommies talked about Blooming Into Their Purposes. We are not only mothers, we are so much more than the check-boxes society puts on us. We have potential to go after our dreams, and plant seeds wherever we go. This celebration was another one for the books. Thank you to the mommies that joined me in this special anniversary celebration! 

Celebrating Year 3

Year 3

Mommies That Wine 

Let's Wine About Motherhood