Our vision at Mommies that Wine is to see MOMMIES across the world PRIORITIZE their WELLBEING & SELF-LOVE without worrying about society's high expectations & shifting their MOM-Guilt to SELF-COMPASSION EMPOWERMENT

1. Provide a space for mommies to bring their authentic selves to discuss motherhood challenges with Zero-Judgement

2. Promote Self-Care and Mental Health wellness with laughter and taking a mommy break in this unique space created by a mommy for mommies

3, Establish a community where mothers share common struggles, yet are empowered and their mom-guilt mindsets are shifted positively

Mommies That Wine Core Values 

Self-Care, Self-Worth & Self-Love Advocacy 

Mommies That Wine strongly believes that every MOMMY deserves to care for themselves, just as they care for others without feeling guilty or shame. Meeting their wellbeing & mental health needs are essential to be a productive, happy & loving parent 

Authentic Motherhood Conversations

Mommies That Wine offers MOMMIES with the opportunity to be transparent & honest with themselves. Mommies are asked to bring their whole & authentic selves when we are having hardcore conversations about motherhood 


At Mommies That Wine, everyone is expected to show respect. As a parent we are judged often, however Mommies That Wine does not have tolerance or room for judgement. We ask MOMMIES to "be yourself", "be open" & to respect other parents' values & beliefs


Motherhood is not easy & Mommies That Wine knows that for a fact! This community provides a safe space to laugh, vent & cry for MOMMIES. There is always room for resources, parenting tools and education. We ask that you bring or share whatever helps you with motherhood's challenges & responsibilities 

Parenting In The Present 

Mommies That Wine likes to encourage mommies to focus on the NOW, rather than spending our "wine time" on things that cannot be changed. The goal is for MOMMIES to find helpful resources and advices to continue being an amazing parent and EMPOWER MOTHERHOOD 


Mommies That Wine values equity, inclusion & dignity for all. It strives for advocacy, parenting rights & motherhood empowerment for MOMMIES. Mommies That Wine approach is Strength-Based & Power Within, not Power Over. All the mommies that join this space have a voice & matter